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Mersive recently announced the beta launch of its Solstice Kepler, a cloud-based monitoring & analytics service for your Solstice deployment.
Workplace trends affecting workplace strategy, design, construction, technology, HR, IT & corporate strategy. Time to make AV a significant part of that conversation.
Similar to year’s past, our InfoComm show attendees had a difficult time narrowing our finds down to simply a Top 10. This year was no exception and as you’ll see with our 2018 list, the 10 has now become a Best of Show.
Over the past several years there has been an emphasis on collaboration within the workplace. Tools, platforms, and even specific room types have been launched to ensure we’re all contributing to the conversation, collectively. But what about ‘focus’.
Think of your office as a brand beacon, the shining light that attracts top performers to your organization.
The AV technology a company provides its employees also says a lot about its culture. Here are a few examples of how companies send a powerful (unspoken) message with AV.
Have You Seen This AV Rack? We all have. Equipment racks that make us shudder and possibly weep a bit. But it’s not just about aesthetics. A poorly-built rack means little thought was given to ease of servicing, future expansion, heat management – and quality of work.
Verrex asked three experts: “Are corporate hospitality spaces finding their way into your client’s offices? If so, what are the benefits? What’s driving the trend?”