VNOC Services

Solutions designed to monitor and manage video and audio conferencing environments ensuring trouble-free, effective and consistent communication across single or multiple time zones.

Device + Network Monitoring

Verrex’s centralized software management system proactively monitors conferencing devices and networks ensuring reliable and always-available access to system resources. Should their be a stability or connectivity issue, the system immediately launches protocols established by the client. These steps may include creating a trouble ticket in the system, notifying onsite support personnel and/or the network provider.

Device Management

VNOC services include remote management of integrated and infrastructure devices across the videoconferencing system including endpoints, MCUs, gateways and gatekeepers. As part of this solution, the system stores vital system configuration information, monitors and performs software upgrades and maintains a current list of all deployed systems – globally. The GMS VNOC team of certified technicians performs systems testing as necessary and resolves any issues.

Bridging Services

Verrex offers both hosted and managed video bridging services. Hosted clients take advantage of Verrex videoconference bridges, which include high-definition MCU ports, security devices and gatekeepers. Verrex also provides the infrastructure required to support unlimited IP to IP high-definition conferences. Managed bridging allows clients to leverage their own purchased MCU equipment – clients simply provide GMS video experts secure access to their network.

Conference Scheduling + Reservation Management

Scheduling video and audio conference meetings falls to the VNOC. Along with traditional reservation methods – requests taken by phone, e-mail, etc. by live reservationists – clients can schedule their own meetings and reserve rooms via a web-based reservation system. The web-based system is available in multiple interfaces including HTML, Flash and Silverlight.

Conference Management

Once reserved, the system automates meeting launch and breakdown processes as per an organization’s pre-set criteria. Numerous parameters are configurable including setup times, startup messaging, teardown messaging, conflict management and many other processes that regulate a complex deployment. Live attendants provide multi-language, real-time conference coordination and monitoring including adding or removing sites, modifying on-screen layouts and extending meetings beyond scheduled times.

Problem Management

Verrex VNOC services provide clients with a single point of contact to manage all video and audio conference support requirements, regardless of vendor or service provider. Tier 1 and Tier 2 support technicians troubleshoot issues remotely, dispatch additional resources as needed and provide advanced troubleshooting.

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