Client Care: Service & Support

Confidence that your teams can easily collaborate since AV system performance issues will be anticipated, isolated, and resolved.

Verrex Client Care
A great deal of resources, time, and expectations go into building the ideal environment for your conferencing and collaboration needs. If the audiovisual systems do not work properly, or are unpredictable and frustrating to use, your vision of a more collaborative, efficient, and productive workplace culture may not be realized.

Verrex Client Care: Service, Support and Preventive maintenance solutions ensure your audiovisual systems are properly maintained, problems are resolved quickly, end users and business objectives are fully supported, and costs are managed to meet expectations.

These reliability-centric options allow companies to mix & match the resources that best suit their needs:
• 24/7 Global Service Desk for Remote Support
• Equipment Repairs, Spares, and Consumables
• Preventive Maintenance
• Service Contracts

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