2017 Press Releases

Verrex Named a Top 10 Fast-Growing Systems Integrator

Commercial Integrator Magazine identifies Verrex as one of today’s most viable AV integration firms

MOUNTAINSIDE-NJ / 01 August 2017 / -- Verrex, the APEx-certified global provider of superior AV technology solutions and experiences announced that the company has been named to Commercial Integrator magazine’s inaugural Top Fast-Growing Integration Firms list. Commercial Integrator, a ProAV publication, compiled the list to recognize companies that are thriving and adjusting to what it means to be an AV integration firm in 2017 and beyond. Verrex was the only integrator selected for its global expansion and approach.

“Verrex’s relevancy to its core market segments continues to drive growth,” said Thomas Berry, Jr., CEO of Verrex. “We evolve, we adapt, and we improve because our clients deserve a true partner, no matter the global location. This is a mandate that pushes us, and that comes with some powerful responsibilities: delivering a sustainable model for global integration and support, securing and nurturing top talent across multiple continents, and adding tangible value to the technology and solutions we integrate. I am extremely proud that our ambitious vision has been recognized in this way.”

Commercial Integrator’s inaugural Fast-Growing Firms list highlighted AV integration firms experiencing growth and optimism in a highly competitive and maturing industry. Selection for the list was based on criteria that included vertical markets served, revenue, number of employees, and growth strategy. Verrex was selected for its global approach to penetrating existing markets and expanding into new areas, including developing enterprise AV standards across a client’s entire footprint. Verrex currently has seven global locations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, supported by its five-continent allied network.

“There are several integrators that tout global capabilities,” said Theresa Hahn, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Verrex. “When you dig into actual models however, it’s clear that Verrex offers a superior approach to global enterprise-level solutions. Each one of our regions is a local authority in terms of market distinctions and resources, but they are equally part of our larger ecosystem, sharing the Verrex Process that produces consist, quality standards across the globe. A location doesn’t make an organization global. How you see your clients and how you anticipate and execute on meeting their needs does.”

Notes to Editors

For more information please contact Theresa Hahn at thahn@verrex.com or +1 908 664 8391.

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