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Agile Workplace Solutions

Businesses across the world are flexing to accommodate employees' shifting work environments. The challenge for these organizations is to keep employees safe, productive, connected, and operate a profitable business.


Together we can bring the world forward.  

Audiovisual Equipment Kits

Create a digital workplace that enables employees to work collaboratively and securely, regardless of their physical location. 

Room Analytics

Make your buildings smarter and safer. Discover how you can seamlessly manage the occupancy of your meetings to keep employees safe.

Touch-less AV

Discover ways to implement strategies for a safe return to the workplace. Learn about quick, easy, and secure touchless AV control in conference rooms, meeting spaces, lecture halls, or any room with an audio-visual system.

Temperature Control

Temperature screening options can be complicated. The goal is to protect people’s health and safety while maintaining productivity and ease.


Video collaboration enables collaboration and connection across locations. Learn more about how to take back control of your meetings.  

Remote learning

Technology is changing the way students are able to access education. With the right solutions, institutions can deliver a high-quality learning experience from any location.  

Learn more about the latest AV technology