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The AV tools, technology, and applications impacting work place strategy are why we launched AV Insights – to ensure our global AV community stays up-to-date on solutions to empower their employees and businesses. From event coverage to technology to strategy, we hope you find inspiration and ideas in each Verrex AV Insights post.

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On-demand webinar: 
Back to Basics: Audio, Video & Lighting

Make sure your organization is ready to collaborate and engage from any location with our best practices and tips.


On-demand webinar: 
Workplace Re-Entry 

Learn how you can adapt your AV technology solutions for the evolving workplace.


Verrex Voice of our Clients Survey: Services & Solutions for a Modern Workforce

Verrex conducted an informal survey asking clients to identify systems, services, and goals that have the greatest impact on their workplace strategy.


Winning the War for Talent (or why your AV-enhanced fitness center may be your first line of defense)

Attracting new talent is just as competitive as the rivalry for clients. Some may argue that the talent war is even more competitive as hiring teams discover there is indeed a bottom to the talent pool.

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On-demand webinar: Teams, Zoom, Webex: Verrex Tells All

Today's environment requires collaborative solutions that include video conferencing. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn what platform is right for your organization.


On-demand webinar: Are your video calls secure? Find out.

Verrex has assembled its security experts to discuss video conferencing and security. 


Verrex InfoComm19: Best of Show Top 10

With yet another AVIXA-reported record-breaking show, InfoComm19 is a wrap. For the 10th straight year, Verrex shares its Best of Show Top 10.


How AV Shapes Corporate Culture (the AV systems in your office - or missing from your office - are shaping your culture)

How can you tell a company's corporate culture? When it comes to environment - a key part of shaping culture - the adage "don't judge a book by its cover" does not apply.


Verrex InfoComm20: Best of Show Top 10

2020 is an entirely different year for tradeshows. Verrex shares its best from the InfoComm Connected 2020.

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Verrex ISE 2020: Best of Show Top 10

We’re excited to share our last Top 10 of ISE from Amsterdam (next year, Barcelona!)

Modern Office

AV Solutions for Feeling Alone (or how to find focus when everyone is talking collaboration)

Over the past several years there has been an emphasis on collaboration within the workplace. Tools, platforms, and even specific room types have been launched to ensure we’re all contributing to the conversation, collectively. But what about ‘focus’.


Corporate AV-Enhanced Hospitality Spaces Fuel Employee & Client Engagement

Tapped as an alternative for heading out of the office to mix & mingle, these dedicated spaces offer a relaxed atmosphere, plush seating, and AV-enhanced background distractions.