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Verrex’s process-driven approach combines AV system design with a full range of integration  capabilities and managed services to provide clients with a more precise budget, timeline, and sustainable solution for their technology integration project.

Verrex AV Systems Design Services

As an integrator, our designs are based on actual 
experience in-the-field with system functionality and with 
the impact that other factors and stakeholders exact. This 
includes considerations for AV technology and required 
infrastructure, as well as interior architecture and 
construction. The result is a comprehensive, vetted system 
of proper and precise design that translates into fewer 
change orders, fewer missed details, fewer budget 
overages, and a more accurate post-installation support 
plan, as the project moves into, and out of, the build phase.

In the earliest stage, Verrex collaborates with a client to 
determine what goals the AV technology needs to meet. 
Once we all understand the role of AV, we can produce an 
initial budget, preliminary equipment selection, and 
system requirement definitions. 

Next, we conceptualize integration of AV into the space 
and coordinate with the architect. Verrex provides detailed 
drawing packages in-line with architect phases and 
requirements. Verrex will help determine suitable room 
dimensions, display integration, furniture, millwork, color 
palette, microphone & sound speaker placement, shades, 
lighting, and acoustics.

Following delivery of final plans, Verrex provides complete
system integration, from project management to 
commissioning. The last stage delivers managed services
in order to increase adoption of a client’s technology 

Phase 1: Programming
Client Needs Analysis
o Conduct end-user survey and needs analysis
o Submit capabilities description by room or area
Project Budget
o Specify preliminary equipment selection
o Establish AV project budget


Phase II: Design and Documentation
Plans for Construction Purposes
o Define team responsibilities
o Provide preliminary AV floor plans
o Develop AV electrical location requirements
o Submit AV reflective ceiling plan
o Supply equipment specifications for base-building
Revised AV Architectural Drawings
o Provide basic floor plans, elevations, reflected ceilings
o Review AV details with architect & interiors engineering
o Provide final equipment specifications 


Phase III: Construction Documents
Final Plans
o Provide final system flows/block diagrams
o Complete set of coordinated AV architectural, floor plans, 
   elevations, RCP, equipment details
o Provide AV millwork/wall specifications/requirements
o Provide AV conduit riser, junction box schedule, and AV 
   completed details