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Writing the Book: A Cheat Sheet for Writers

A cheat sheet for the writer in detail

Here we have in mind important little things that may be needed at any given time and often enough:

facts of the characters' biography that will come up as the story progresses - name of hometown/location + names of childhood friends/classmates and so on;

moments of general world/country/city history tied to the intrigue (battles from the past and places where ruins with hiding places are preserved, for example, write my essay in 3 hours which the heroes need to dig up to save the world - dates of wars, how much time has passed until now, names of cities with hiding places, etc.)

the start date of the story and a timeline with marks of the days, months, years that the heroes live through;

the hero's path in the space of the world - either on the map or in a diagram (left home - went to the first town to study - returned home), preferably - with the time;

the names of the characters who influenced the development of the hero.

And so on. Detailed cheat sheet should be kept in sight and enter it in the process of writing a book of little things that may pop up as the plot. Otherwise, write papers for money every time you will have to dig through the text and remember the name of the hero's mentor, to check whether the hero broke his left arm or right, whether he left home five years ago or six, on what floor and how many years he has been living in the new house.

Time, on the other hand, should be watched particularly carefully. The most common mistake is its static nature: the author counts down only for the hero, and the rest is frozen. So, the hero hasn't seen his childhood friend for five years, for half a book he lives another year, and then he meets his friend and says - ah, we haven't seen each other for five years!

Thus, chemistry homework help the time scale of action is a must. So is "space + time" if the hero travels a lot. Again, so that you don't have to dig through the text later to find the name of the city and time if a plot or idea comes up.

Cheat sheets are kept as one sees fit. Some people write everything in notebooks, some - on tear-off sheets, some - in electronic documents. The main thing is to make it convenient for you. And, when making cribs, do not forget - every little thing, every detail can become both the most important "gun" and a silly "grand piano" or a big mistake that will confuse the story. So learn to work with details, they are the basis of any story 😉

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