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Verrex AV Systems Integration

No longer a “nice to have”, AV systems are now a critical part of workplace strategy and environments. Efficiency, productivity, flexibility, agile workforce support, employee acquisition and retention, and innovation are all drivers of AV technology adoption. Since 1947 Verrex has been a leader in AV systems integration. With a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities, from Design Engineering through to Commissioning and User Training, Verrex has provided AV solutions and systems to companies globally.

Verrex’s approach to AV systems integration is based around The Verrex process, a documented operational system to ensure a systematic and process driven approach to project delivery. Workflows have been designed, recorded, and stored as sequential stages of execution that include Task, Accountability Ownership, Task Overview, Task Details, and Related Documents. The Process is supported and monitored by a proprietary global ERP platform. Employees across Verrex disciplines are trained in The Process’ compulsory procedures and interrelated workflows, and are guided and measured against performance metrics. The Verrex Process is formally defined and documented so it can clearly be executed by all team members, continuously assessed and improved, replicated across geographic locations, and scaled.


  • Design Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Project Engineering

  • CAD Design

  • In-House Programming

  • In-House Fabrication/Shop

  • Testing, Staging and Quality Control

  • Field Installation

  • Commissioning

  • User Training and Final As-Built Documentation

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