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Work From Home (WFH)

Create a digital workplace that enables employees to work collaboratively and securely, regardless of their physical location. 



Touchless AV

Touch-less and touchless aren’t the same.  Touch-less reduces the need for users to physically touch shared technology surfaces.  Meaning you still need to touch something, but just touch it less frequently.  One great bi-product is streamlined user interaction with the technology.  Users now have more time to focus on why they are meeting instead of figuring out how to get started.



By implementing a Bring-Your-Own-Meeting solution, simply bring your personal device to drive every VC call.  All microphones, speakers, and cameras in an AV system are sent to your laptop on a single USB cable.

Businesses across the world are flexing to accommodate employees' shifting work environments. The challenge for these organizations is to keep employees safe, productive, connected, and operate a profitable business.


Together we can bring the world forward.  


Room Analytics

Want to know how many people are in your building?  Floor, Lobby, Café, Gym, Boardroom, or Classroom?  Solutions are available from simple occupancy awareness to exact people counting.  All the data can be reported to a centralized dashboard as you plan occupancy guidelines or implement lockdown in a worst-case scenario. Know how many people are in your building and where.  The smart aspect of occupancy systems protects individual identities because no personal data is captured.


Temperature Control

The simplest baseline healthiness test is a temperature screening at the entrance of your office or school. While not a COVID-19 test, ensuring individuals running high temperatures do not enter your facility can help prevent the spread of typical colds all the way up to COVID-19.


Digital Classroom

Technology is changing the way students are able to access education. With the right solutions, institutions can deliver a high-quality learning experience from any location.  

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