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New technology enables a new learning experience in the classroom, online, and in a hybrid environment. Well-designed digital learning spaces empower students to achieve their full potential. Learn more about how the CARES Act funding can help your teachers and professors deliver transformative learning experiences.   


Unversity Lecture Hall.png


Digital Solutions for lecture halls.

Larger classroom solution offering remote students the most immersive broadcast level experience.

Digital Classroom 15_30_Students.png

Traditional Classrooms

Digital solutions for traditional classrooms.

Designed to support both in-person and virtual students for the best learning experience possible.


Mobile Cart

Bring your digital classroom with you.

Designed to be a mobile solution that is easily deployed into any classroom at any time. The system is fully self-contained and has the ability to virtually engage remote students seamlessly into the classroom.

Learn how some higher education organizations are handling the change:

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