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At the heart of Verrex Managed Services is the Global Service Desk. From emergency dispatch service to remote phone support to scheduling onsite visits, Verrex‘s 24/7 Global Service Desk is the central point for identifying, ticketing, tracking, managing, and resolving AV service and support needs.

Connect with Verrex's Global AV Service Desk

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North America
+1 800 303 8170

UK + Europe
+44 (0) 8000 542 260

Asia Pacific
+852 800 906 192 Hong Kong
+65 800 852 3980 Singapore
+86 400 120 9073 Shanghai

Connecting with Verrex


To facilitate the future of work, organizations are turning to technology to offer new ways to collaborate. Many businesses have accelerated their digital transformations to solve the challenges brought by the last year. At Verrex, as we implement these solutions for our customers, we are using many of these workplace approaches for our own facilities.


If you have questions about visiting a local Verrex office, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All our best,


Bill Chamberlin, CTS

Vice President of Global Sales

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