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How AV Shapes Corporate Culture (the AV systems in your office - or missing from your office - are shaping your culture)


Verrex client, TripAdvisor's town hall space speaks volumes on their corporate culture 

How can you tell a company’s corporate culture? When it comes to environment – a key part of shaping culture – the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply. Judge away.


Corporate culture simply defined is the unwritten rule book for working together. It’s not policy & procedure, but shared beliefs, values and attitudes that point towards or away from an employee’s success at an organization. If a company as a whole values open doors (just walk into anyone’s office with a question), that’s part of its culture with a nod towards transparency and cooperation. Someone that keeps their door closed on a daily basis (excluding requirements of their role) may not share the same mindset, and most likely won’t excel within the organization. They don’t fit the culture. 

With a strong culture, a company can set expectations for its employees, their behavior and interactions, without issuing a policy or adding to the employee handbook. This is managing by culture. Foster a strong enough culture and hiring managers know whether a candidate is a good fit, teams know how best to interact, and employees know what is valued. 

How can you tell a company’s corporate culture? When it comes to environment – a key part of shaping culture – the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply. Judge away. Along with beliefs and values, corporate culture is revealed in the spaces created for employees. A fitness room on each floor: our company values a healthy lifestyle. A bank of snack-filled vending machines: you’ll be expected to work late most nights and will need some sugar to get you through. 

The AV technology a company provides its employees also says a lot about its culture. Here are a few examples of how companies send a powerful (unspoken) message with AV: 

  • Town Hall AV: The opposite of a culture that thrives on silos and lack of information, the right space and technology designated for town hall meetings sets expectations that community and communication are of high value. These spaces can be integrated with a main video display, secondary displays for overflow, a high-quality audio system including wireless microphones, video conferencing system, and recording & streaming capabilities. In doing so, the town hall successfully evolves into a community gathering and acts as a cue on the importance of open communication. 

  • Cloud-based Conferencing: A cloud-based conferencing solution allows employees to collaborate regardless of location – from home, on the road, or a remote office – via common devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It’s also compatible with standard video conferencing systems, so no one is excluded. Access to this ubiquitous tool puts a strong emphasis on collaboration, favorable work/life balance, and tech equality – video for all.

There are dozens of other ways that the AV technology a company utilizes speaks to their culture, from AV-enhanced fitness centers to BYOD capabilities. Companies should check with their employees to ensure that their systems are saying the right thing.


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